USA Cycling – 2022 Criterium Nationals

Roanoke, VA – USA Cycling Amateur Road National Championships raced the criterium in downtown Roanoke on Saturday. July 2, 2022, following a road race and time trial earlier in the week. Photo gallery showcasing some of the racing – USAC Criterium – Roanoke, VA July 2, 2022

A Wedding

I don’t do these often. I tend to lean towards event based photography and portraits. Racing, concerts, fashion… The occasional promotional / commercial thing…  That’s my comfort zone. However, circumstances presented themselves for me to shoot a friend’s wedding… Let’s be clear. I wasn’t her first choice… Or her second. She knows what I do […]

Fashion For All

Women United For Community Action annual Fashion Show featuring: She’s International, Christy’s, Vaughn’s Formal Wear, Cleveland’s House of Divas, Henri Kessler Furs, Birdy’s Loft, Fuzzes and assistance from Fashionista Roanoke. A showcase of fashion and diversity.

Event Shoot with Sips-N-Sweets

Saturday, March 21st, 2015 – On hand at the Roanoke Transportation Museum for Sips-N Sweets. A little wine, a little beer, some cupcakes and other lovely edibles…

What’s The Point To Pay A Photographer?

What’s the point? That is a question I ask myself often. When I shoot and, often, when I see solicitations for a shoot. I’m not talking about the idea of marketing services for a photographer. That is a given and it is competitive. There are a lot of photographers. (Don’t… Just don’t… It’s a can […]

Lenses and Reality

Lenses. The window between you and the image. It is also the second most important thing attached to your camera. The holder of that camera, the operator, the photographer, is the most important attachment. Never forget that. Lenses, however, are a constant point of argument. There are some truths that must be acknowledged up front. […]

Store and Transport Gear on the Cheap

Yeah… I know…   You’ve spent some time and quite a bit of money on the gear you need (or think you need) to go get the photo. Of course you have the camera, maybe even two or more, and some lenses and it is quite possible you’ve invested in lights and stands and diffusers […]

Thank You

It is time. Time to set a dedicated photo area as more of my time is behind a camera. I enjoy it. Finding the light and the angles and the views is as much abstraction as possibly an addiction. I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I enjoy finding them. Thank You.