Steve Curtiss: Photographer, Graphic Artist, Writer, Humorist.

I’ve enjoyed the art of finding images for as long as I can remember. The joy and challenge is capturing a moment, a thought or a feeling at a fraction of a second.

p_cohan_bar1Images are everywhere. Finding the image is often an active search. It is more often a fact of opportunity. Traveling without a camera within reach is opportunity lost. Interesting photos are too often lost on the way to the grocery store or any simple, mundane errand if that camera is not there to capture it.

With a bit of an artistic talent with paint and pencil, I began using a camera to capture images as reference. However, I also began to travel quite a bit on a circuit of comedy clubs around the country. The camera, of course, came along for the ride.

Later, into broadcast radio, the camera became a tool of the job. Events, concerts and promotional images for radio and clients presented a constant flow of opportunity to grow as a photographer.

I continue to look, learn and grow as the search for the image continues. Thank You for visiting and viewing a portion of the ride.