Photography is nothing new. The technology of digital and variety of devices has flooded the world with images so far beyond the days of film. The changes of convenience, however, have not changed everything entirely. It is very true that the modern crop of small and slim digital cameras, including smartphones, can create beautiful and creative images. It is also true that most of them don’t.
As a photographer I see so many mistakes and obvious examples of poor images. I also see many more beautiful examples. To be clear, every picture has some purpose to the person who shot it. Either it is a moment or a view or a thing that they liked enough to push a button. For the most part the mistakes don’t matter. It is an image of a moment in time taken as a memory.
However – There are times when these memories are worth more than a casual snap. These are the times when the question of hiring a professional photographer comes into the conversation.
Cost is a concern, of course. Budgets and expenses affect all of us. It is the photographer’s responsibility to explain these costs, work with your budget and involve the thoughts, concerns and desired results with the clients. It should be more than just another job for the photographer and a pleasant and fulfilling experience for every client.
When the time is taken to realize “We need a picture of this” and that realization is placed in the context of “How important is this picture we need?” the concept of hiring a photographer enters the picture.
So… How important is your image?

The internet changes constantly. It is the only constant that can be counted on. Everything else is up in the air and what “hits” or trends is elastic and often elusive. It is akin to assembling a puzzle with nothing but white, unmarked pieces to fit together.
The good news: It is not that difficult.
The bad news: It is much more difficult.
Confused? No need to be. It is as simple as this. Diligence. It is the only way to influence the scales of the internet. The good news is that it is not difficult to put the pieces in place. The bad news is that leaving the pieces static makes it all pointless.
Imagine opening a business. You take the time to find the location and set it up and make announcements and you put those pieces in place. Without the diligence to follow through and actually put product on the shelves and maintain that inventory with time and attention to how things are moving that store will fail. Your presence on the internet is the same.
A little diligence and time with a little imagination with focus on your results will keep you website and your presence active. All of the aspects of the internet and social media mix, match and mesh and engaging your audience with content relative to your business is an avenue for success.
Yes.  We can help with your website. We can help with your social networking. We can help with your imaging and presence online. The question is… Are you ready?